All reviewed vendors (Arista, Cisco and Nokia) show moderate to good support of OpenConfig YANG and there used data models are quite similar with the remark that Cisco IOS XR 6.1.2 has quite old OpenConfig modules comparing to Arista and Nokia, which OSes EOS 4.20.6F and SROS 16.0.R1 have been released recently in this year (2018). Reading online it seems that Arista switches should not require any configuration to establish a basic connection. As long as the "cables" are compatible, it should be just plug-n-play - like a regular dumb switch. While transceiver compatibility is challenging, I have seen several people state that any DAC should be fine with Arista. Devops Day Amsterdam 2015 Arista vEOS lab in Ravello with Opscode Chef server. ... Encryption and AAA is also supported username all privilege 15 role network-admin nopassword ! management xmpp no shutdown server 192.168..4 username [email protected] password 7 070E33455D1D18 switch-group [email protected] switch-group [email protected]

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